Caring for Your Health

Are you a person who cares about your health 100% of the time? Do you consider your health the most important thing in your life? Do you have an established routine that is never broken? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then, I suppose this article doesn’t really apply to you and you’re exempt. The fact of the matter, though, is that virtually everyone can still better themselves physically, mentally, or emotionally, and so this writing should resonate with all.

There comes a time in pretty much everyone’s life where they wonder if they could be doing better, doing more for their health. And for most of us, the answer is yes, you can be doing much better for yourself. Sometimes that’s in the form of what you’re eating. Other times, it’s the exercise you do in a day. And for even others, the health they need to focus on the most is their emotional or mental health (something most don’t actually take seriously).

So when it comes to your health, what are you to do for bettering yourself? Could you take better care of your teeth? Of course. Could you lose a few extra pounds? Probably. Could you attempt to put something green in your diet at least once a day? Absolutely. But more than those tasks, you need to be taking care of your stoma.

If you have a stoma, you absolutely could be doing better about cleaning your ostomy supplies and ensuring your stoma is clean. Changing out your pouching system (even if it happens to be a different brand than ostomy supplies) is important, and doing it the right way is even more important.

Having a stoma can be very dangerous if people do not know how to properly take care of the stoma and the surrounding areas. Ensuring the area is clean and sanitized multiple times a day is of the utmost importance. People have often found that having a stoma in their life makes them a healthier person in general. They realize how every part of them is connected and they start caring more about their overall health. Their diets start to change, they wash their face more, they brush their teeth twice a day. They start to fall more into a routine because changing and cleaning their ostomy pouch is so vital to their health that they start building a routine around it.