Accessories for Your Pouching System

When you’re learning to live with an ostomy, not only are you adapting to a new way for your body to dispose of waste, but you’re also learning to live with something attached to your body. And that’s something that can be weird for a lot of people to new ostomies, because they’re always confused about what they can and can’t do with their bodies.

One of the absolute most often asked questions surrounding what you can do with your ostomy is if you can get your pouching system wet. We get it though, it’s a valid question to something that is still relatively unknown to most people. So, let’s jump into a proper answer for basic ostomy care. Whether it’s your ConvaTec ostomy supplies or some other big name brand, it’s important to know how to care for your stuff.

Sometimes people wonder if they can use extra tape or barrier strips to hold onto their pouching system. There are waterproof and other strips available that are elastic and easy to use, so it’s important to exercise your options. They can even hold it all in place when swimming or running or when needed if your midsection is larger.

Another question we often get is if you can use adhesive removers. It’s important to note that if your pouching system can be gently removed, then you don’t need any sort of adhesive remover. But you should use it if your skin is weak and tears easily or if you want to clean the sticky residue off your skin. But since it feels oily and contains alcohol, a good portion of people find it uncomfortable.

Another thing to remember is that once you use some adhesive remover, you should be washing your stoma area very well with water and a mild or non-scented soap to remove any oily coating on your skin. You don’t want that to stick around, so you want to rinse your skin well with warm water and dry it completely.

There’s not much to caring for your ConvaTec ostomy supplies so long as you pay attention to your body, what it’s telling you, and if your supplies are uncomfortable. You should feel quite comfortable with your pouching system on, so always tell your health care provider if you don’t feel that if it arises. You should always be able to explore your alternative options if at all needed.