When taking care of your ostomy system and cleaning your stoma during the change out for a new pouch, it’s important to keep multiple things in mind. First off, your health and the cleanliness of your stoma matter most. From there, you can worry about other things like how you prepare your new ConvaTec ostomy supplies to go in and more. Your pouching system is important to keep in mind nonetheless.

But what do you do with the used supplies once you do change your pouching system out? Is there a set system to taking care of the soiled supplies, or is it as simple as just tossing in the trash? (News flash: it’s not the latter of the two!)

Basically, once you change out your old pouching system for a new one, you should be emptying your pouch into the toilet like normal. From there, you want to take off your pouch and put the system and any used paper towels into a plastic bag that is sealed up tightly. It’s technically okay to toss this into your garbage, though we recommend seeking out recycling systems that will take used supplies. What’s unfortunate about this sort of recycling, though, is that it’s relatively tough to find anyone willing to take it since there’s not many dedicated recyclers for these supplies.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you use washable items on your clean skin, you should wash them every single time you use them. Don’t let them fester, even if it seems like they’re fine to the naked eye. It’s better to be safe than sorry in these instances, especially when human waste is part of the equation.

No matter what you do with your pouching system after it’s used, make absolute certain that your stoma has been cleaned correctly and that you’re disposing of your used ConvaTec ostomy supplies properly before moving on with your day. It can be easy at times to get in a hurry and just toss them with no cares at all, but this is a bad habit to get into and you should always take sanitation seriously, both for your health and the health of others. Additionally, you want to ensure that any connectors or clamps you may use in your pouching system are washed with soap and warm water and then allowed to dry thoroughly. This ensures clean use for next time.