How to Prevent Ostomy Leakage

Stoma, a new organ in your body after an ostomy operation. Well, every ostomy person knows about the name, purpose, and care. No doubt, you do care a lot about your opening, diet, and lifestyle. But, the stoma still creates some scenes (sometimes problematic and sometimes dramatic) in a public place, gathering, party, office, during traveling, or even when you are alone or home alone. One of the biggest stoma problems is its leakage. Yes, many patients suffer from this, complain about this issue, and seek help.

Causes of Stoma Leakage

Every ostomate has a different reason for leakage. Even many of the ostomy patients never had faced leakage disasters. However, the people who have been through this shit, better understand the problem and want to know the remedies. Well, when it comes to the reasons for leakage, there can be many, you will have endless talks and causes. But, the primary reason for every ostomy person is the wrong choice of the ostomy pouch.

When you are in the hospital, your internal organs are on the road of healing. Therefore, you cannot understand the habits of your stoma, and most of the time, you do not bother leakage. When you are back to your home, then you realize that leakage is the actual problem of the stoma and rough peristomal skin. In the first few months of the surgery roundabout five to six, your organs heal, you start getting to understand the style of the stoma, stoma care, its demands, and tools. Then, you realize that the real shit is leakage. When you see night mishaps of leakage, public places, gatherings, then you start getting worried about this problem and seek for help. 

The first thing you should do to avert leakage is to find out the actual cause. Every person has a different side of the story; therefore, know your problem.

Well, sometimes the problem is you, not your stoma bag and other appliances. Poor cleaning routine can lead to leakage and odor. Moreover, sometimes your poor diet and eating routine can cause blockage and bleed from the stoma. This also causes leakage of blood. 

Apart from the stoma site cleanliness and dryness, a wrong selection of baseplate can create a problem. Well, there are types of baseplates; one is flat, and the other is convex. Thus, you must know which is appropriate for you. If you are using the wrong plate, then it is the reason for leakage.

The selection of adhesive is also a necessary task for the ostomates. A poor-quality adhesive can cause leakage and damage your cuticle.

Moreover, stoma bags are essential in the list of stoping fluid to come out and touch your skin. If you are using a disposable ostomy pouch for a urostomy, then it can cause leakage. You should use a drainable bag so that you can empty your pouch easily and quickly.

Sometimes you wear the right tools for your stoma. Everything goes perfectly, but still, you feel leakage. You think your adhesive is not appropriate, you use convaTec Ostomy supplies stoma collars but still goes through the same issue. It is because of the fluctuation in the size and shape of the stoma. A patient cannot quickly recognize the change in the appearance of the opening. Thus, ostomates do not understand the actual problem.

Well, when you lose weight or gain weight, it affects the size of the stoma. Sometimes, after healing, stoma retracts and continues to retract for a longer time. Therefore, there could be several reasons. Well, whenever you realize the change in your size and weight, change the tool’s size of stoma as well.